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Hyperion Laboratories, Inc. is a solution-based technology company that’s revolutionizing healthcare services for patients with strabismus, or “lazy eye.” Using the latest tech in AI, VR, and Cloud Computing, our team of surgeons, physicians, and engineers continues to create high-quality solutions that improve patient health and wellness.

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PinpointEyes™ App is a novel smartphone app used to detect and measure occular misalignment, sometmies called “lazy eye.”  There are many conditions that may cause misalignment of the eyes and with our application it can be accurately detected and measured in minutes from your smartphone.


PinpointEyes™ Glasses are a patented wearable technology used to measure and correct ocular misalignment or “lazy eye,”  in a variety of ocular conditions such as amblyopia, strabismus, and neuromuscular conditions. PinpointEyes™ Glasses are able to detect even the slightest deviations in the eyes and automatically patch the correct eye for the appropriate amount of time, making them both more accurate and less invasive than current treatment options.

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